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Our client web pages and the digital content contained on this page constitute a paid advertisement for the featured issuer, Omni8 has been paid by the issuer to produce, edit, and host the digital content and/or associated web pages & advertisements at the exclusive direction of the featured issuer and the information, opinions and content of of such web pages and/or advertisements are solely those of the featured issuer and do not represent the opinions of Omni8. Omni8 is paid as and acts solely as a production and content hosting service. Omni8 has made no independent investigation into the accuracy or timeliness of any information contained in the featured issuer web pages and/or ads. Viewers relying on any information or opinion contained in any featured issuer’s presentation do solely at their own risk and Omni8 denies any liability associated therewith.

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We strongly recommend that potential investors undertake thorough research on the Profiled Issuers in collaboration with their legal, tax, and investment advisors. It is important for investors to carefully examine the Profiled Issuer’s financial condition, operations, management, products or services, industry trends, and any significant risks that may impact the Profiled Issuer’s business. Additionally, investors should consider relevant information obtained from reliable sources, including publicly available information from platforms such as SEDAR.

We do not assume or perform any of the following roles, and thus, you should not interpret our actions or content as encompassing any of the following:

  • An independent advisor or consultant
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We have certain limitations and biases that affect our objectivity and independence, as well as various conflicts of interest. The Profiled Issuers and the parties who engage our services also have conflicts of interest. The publication of the Information involves actual and significant conflicts of interest, which include, but are not limited to, the following:

We receive compensation, which may be in the form of monetary payment or securities, in exchange for publishing and marketing favorable Information about the profiled issuers

We do not disclose any negative information about the profiled issuers in our publications, social media posts or podcast episodes

We may own securities of a profiled issuer that we acquired from the profiled issuer itself, third parties, or through our own purchases in the open market. During the publication of favorable Information, we may sell these securities, which could result in losses for investors

Parties who hold securities of a profiled issuer, including those who engage our services or provide compensation, may sell their shares while we are publishing favorable Information

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Compensation Pursuant to an agreement between Omni8 Communications and Alaska Energy Metals we have been hired to provide communications and awareness services on (AEMC: CA) via digital ads, influencers, social media and video campaigns.